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Right on, Guys, I will check for broken valve springs. It certainly coincides with the duration of 1 cylinder.

The temp gauge works fine, but is under the hood as well, I will be wiring in the stock gauges with potentiometer to adjust.

She has pretty good power, I haven't had any oil consumption or leaks to speak of (I replaced most of the gaskets with new.) The oil pressure goes to 3+ bar at 2000 rpm, and the FSM lists the limit at 3bar@3000rpm and no more than 0.3 bar at idle. The lowest I see warm is 1.3 bar and now with the Lucas is closer to 1.5 bar.

I was thinking about the vacuum pump too from something I had read on another forum. How would I diagnose? Take off the pump?

(P.S. - I just realized that I have a cheap contact mic for guitar tuning, maybe I will try using that with the bar to localize and record the sound...)
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