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Oh, and as far as the driveline goes, the OM617 is fitted to a R151f Toyota transmission. to the wheels it has a custom built drive shaft, and the system turns freely with no binding with the suspension at full articulation. I also have the MB tach in the cab so that I don't "bog" or "lug" the motor as well. (and Pyro/Boost).

BTW: Does any one have a wiring schematic for the ALDA?

Does the overboost switch on the intake manifold just provide a ground to the VacSolenoidValve, with +B being on the other terminal?
(I would rather adjust the stock system appropriately rather than dismantle them if possible and reasonable.)

For more video fun, here is the 'ol cap blow-by test...

OM617 Valve Cover Cap Blowby - YouTube
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