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My LAST ovp/eha question, I promise!!!!

Here's the deal. Couple of years ago I replaced the old style OVP hoping to correct stalling. Didn't help. Well, a while back the car would not start at all. I still had the old OVP so I plugged it back in. Car started but the old stalling problem that never went away is still there. Check engine light on/off/on/off and eventually engine dies.
Fast forward to today. Gas mileage is poor so I'm gonna take one more try at reading Lambda. I also have my DMM in series with the EHA. Now, I have my analog meter in pin #3 of the X11 connector. Key on ignition off EHA reading 19.95 ma. Start car. Analog meter at pin#3 reading at 12 volts. EHA ma bouncing all over the place!! Adjust the mixture screw and eventually get the Lambda on 7 volts. Old M103 is purring like a kitten but raw gas is dripping out of the tailpipe!! EHA current has never "settled" on any value. Then suddenly the Lambda voltage drops to zero and the car dies. What the heck am I seeing?? Did the OVP have anything to do with that?? Or did the EHA have a hand in it?
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