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I was recommended by a long time BMW owner to try Motorspeed West in Santa Clara, close to San Josae airport. I found Bill and Ken Clark to be very informative and helpful even over the telephone. I had them change my oil cooler lines ( charge of 1.5 hours vs MBZ 4 ) plus oil filter housing and pan gasket +1 hour. They didn't mind that I turned up with all the parts ( ordered through MercedesShop ). Only thing is they are always very busy so it can take up to a week to get the car into the shop.

I also received great advice on fixing my broken radiator hose spout. Use 1 1/8" Al or stainless steel pipe as a sleeve and a lot of epoxy. I used Devcon Plastic Steel as it was rated to 250F and is waterproof. Many epoxies loose their strenght at higher temperatures. They did also recommend getting the tanks renewd if the plastic was deterioting. But that is in next months repair budget.


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