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Alright here's the final one haha, I forgot to rev it earlier.

OM617 Ticks but clock doesn't - YouTube

It's not much of a rev but if you want to put a smile on your face, adjust the Bowden till it shifts at 4500, then as soon as it gets into 4th, man its a beautiful transition.

And you asked about oil, the previous owner used 50 weight oil because he said it leaked with thinner oil, turns out that's true with older seals.

Last valve adjustment was in March, and before that well Lord knows.
Of course all but one were tighter than hell.

I started using 15W40, and yeah she was still leaving her mark but hey that's another reason to do a valve adjustment. After replacing the VC gasket my leak quit. The closest thing to synthetic I've used is Rotella T5 which is 10W40 that I used last winter. All I will use now is any type of CI 15W40 oil year round since it only gets down to low 30s in dead of winter down here in SC.
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