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Waste_Gate, your car seems to have ample power!

I also came across this but for some reason had never seen it before:

life or death 300d knock

What is interesting is that the fellow found a bad main bearing, but the crank and rod bearing were fine...

I Finally got to a valve adjustment this evening, (finished fabricating the wrenches this morning) and all were mega-tight. I adjusted them to the loose side, as one of the local Mercedes gurus recommends; his logic is that they run in the "sweet spot" longer since they tend to tighten over time.

I also have a question for everyone, why shouldn't the valve spring towers be rotated? I just figured the simple method would be to scribe them, but I read on another forum that they have rotators (rotating washers) at the bottom that help to ensure an even seat wear and contact throughout the life of the engine. --What gives? What would it hurt to rotate an assembly that is made to rotate to ensure even wear?

Also, for the Mega-Bonus, does anyone know what size the Hazet valve spring holder wrench is?

The valve adjustment seemed to quiet things a bit, and smoothed out the power, but the knock persists.

I also wonder about air in the fuel filter, I cannot seem to bleed it all out... what is your guys experience with this? I primed it until the valve makes its noise.
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