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The basic procedure for checking the timing chain is to remove the valve cover, and turn the engine CLOCKWISE as you are looking at the engine, standing in front of the car. Turn the crankshaft, which is probably a 27MM bolt carefully until the timing mark lines up on top dead center on the crankshaft balancer. Observe the camshaft timing mark and ensure that it lines up. If the mark is not in sight, turn the engine one more full turn back to top dead center, and the mark should be visible. The mark will be on the camshaft sprocket and will align with another mark on one of the camshaft bearing caps. If while the balancer is aligned at TDC, the camshaft marks lag by more than a degree or maybe two, the chain is stretched and should be replaced.

supergirl, it's possible that on your particular car, you can't get to the crankshaft bolt without removing the radiator, but I will be surprised. Hopefully one of the techs who have dealt with your particular engine/chassis combination can comment on this. I will be surprised if you can't somehow turn the engine without removing the radiator.

Good luck to both of you,

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