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You're not stupid. Change the chain IMMEDIATELY! Most good techs recommend every 100k. The double row chains rarely break, but the stretch can be enough to allow slack to the point that the engine can literally throw the chain off causing massive damage. In addition, the cain rails are not the most durable in the world and as someone told you earlier they can break off and get wedged in between the chain and the cam sprocket causing disaster ($4000to 6000 worth!). Plus, if the stretch is bad enough it can throw off the timing so that the car will run poorly. $1200 seems very steep. Should be more like $500. I would hesitate to have your boyfriend do the job unless he's done it before. Can be tricky and lethally expensive if not done right!

Good Luck!
Travis the TurboDiesel(1985 300D at 235K) and his owner
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