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740GLE Revitalization....

I just purchased a 1986 Volvo 740GLE (to take a little bit of the "everyday driving" preasure off my aging W140, and out of my dieting pocket!). The car has 250 or so thousand miles on it, and it's in average condition. Here's the trick.....The car sat for two years in someones driveway. The car was simply parked, and used for storage. After about one year, the trunk seal dried out and water started filling the trunk. So there is a moldy trunk mat to DESTROY, and also smell that will set your nostrils on fire. What procedures should I go through before I start, and drive, the car for the first time. At this very moment, it is being towed to my uncles shop so I can perform "The Revitalization..."

BEFORE i AM HARRASSED BY ANY PEOPLE: I do realize this is a Mercedes Benz Forum, but the help would still be gratefully appreciated.
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