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Can a THOROUGH Inspection balance out minimal/incomplete service record

After looking for a nice 90-94 300CE, have found one that looks like new. 1991, with just over 50k. Great exterior, interior is flawless, engine looks good, clean but doesn't look detailed or "prepped" for an inspection. No obvious leaks, etc.

However, current owner (dealer) has only spotty records, little service history etc....
CarFax shows clean. I have some misgivings, but my question is this -

Can a truly thorough (2.5-3 hrs) inspection w/ compression leakdown etc., by a good independent MB specialist determine if this is the right car for me, and outweigh the obvious disadvantage of minimal/poor records for the maintenance since new?

I was going to have the PPI done anyway, based on the way the car looks and drivers, but am not experienced enough to know if a good inspection NOW can catch the (potential) problems posed by any (potential) lack of maintenance in the past.

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