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Some say that they don't wear out, some say they do On my 1987 124 car, with 269Kmi that seems to be owned by people heavy enough to hollow out the front seats, my ride height was NOT changed by going to new springs. Spring pads do collapse over time, but they do not contribute several inches to overall height.

Its possible that the OTHER person had a car that was TOO HIGH. Bilstein Comforts seem to raise the height (1/2" or so) as can improperly installed suspension components, etc. Do you recall if his rear suspension was high as well??

Measure the distance from the center of the star on the wheel to the underside of the fender lip. I have measured many 124 300E's from the center of the star to the underside of the fender lip they are all about 15" to 15-3/4" in the front. With the rear being about 1/2" higher or lower. A full tank vs an empty tank will make the rear different about 1/2" or so.
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