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'94 E320 ABS light comes on

The ABS light comes on once the car rolls forward or backwards about 50 to 100 feet. Just before the light comes on there is a two second noise forward and to the left of the driver. The sound is a bit ambiguous like metal on a rotor, a pump grinding or hydraulic fluid under pressure when a valve won't open .

I can start the car, let it idle, back it out of the drive, hit the brakes, but the light doesn't come on until I've headed down the driveway some 50' to 200'.

Prior to detecting the noise I checked the alternator output, okay, wiped off the front wheel speed sensors (I didn't clean inside the wheel) and visual checked the control unit circuit board. Is there anything else for me to do or is it time to take the car to my MB dealer?

I do know that the ABS is inoperative. I've been waiting for wet weather to check this, and it has just started to snow so I was able to do a bit of slipping and sliding.


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