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so a small update. Over the last couple weeks, ive been buying and rejecting valves to switch between stock and aux tanks. Either too complex, or too poor a quality. Ive been doing the same thing with switches off amazon, ive bought a few aux tank switches for ford dual tanks or whatnot, and every time they arrive, the quality is so poor, that I couldn't allow them to be part of this project. The car is currently out of my hands getting rust repair, but soon I should have it back and get the tank installed

How I intend to plumb this is with its own fuel gauge and a switch between the two.

This is the valve I think Im going to use. It seems to be a decent quality, and it has very decent reviews on amazon. its also extremely simple, grounds through the valve body, and 12 volts to the center post. Any switch will do, so I can find something really nice.

Its a GM dual tank application I think, for much older vehicles, I think 60s-70s. The part number is- AC Delco 467513. Another part number on the box is BOO16HT92G

here is what it looks like-

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