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Big topic here!! Get ready!

Anyways, I use synthetic in two of my cars, the 380SE and the BMW 745i. In all the rest, I use Castrol GTX 10W-40 year-round. I think it's the best medium. Unless you burn oil (in which I think the 20W-50 would be better), the 10W-40 is the best choice in my opinion. Synthetic is certainly good but in an old diesel with alot of miles on it, I'd just stick to regular dino oil. If synthetic oil had been around/popular when the car was new, I certainly think it would have offered superior protection to petroleum based oil, but I'm afraid that after alot of miles (especially on a diesel) it would start to use oil and would evenutally leak. I use synthetic in the BMW because it is very much needed in a turbocharged gasoline engine which is capable of high output and you definitely want to keep that turbo happy! Well, good luck! My $0.02

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