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request maint info from MB dealer

just another suggestion:

IF you can find a "sympathic" ear at your local (or other) MB dealer, you can possibly get invaluable info on the cars past service history. it will include only the services that were performed at probably ANY MB dealer. i used this method to VERIFY that the head gasket on the 202 i recently purchased had it fact been done. it also revealed other items such as alternator and OVP that the PO had forgotten about that were still under MB warranty BECAUSE they were performed at the dealer.

i can not recall the name of the report. it is something to the effect of "master service report".

as much as i would typically not post glowing reviews of the dealerships, they provided for me (for free!) the absolutly MOST valuable info that i gathered in making the decision to purchase my 202.

smile, be friendly, and GOOD LUCK! - benton
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