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From his description it sounds like he's talking about the 210 chassis. The manifold does not have to come off to replace the fuel lines, but the coolant reservoir does. My personal opinion is that you have much better access with the manifold off. Once you've removed the manifold a few times, that becomes about a ten minute job and is well worth it to me. There is a metal gasket needed for the manifold. An excellent description of the job was done several years ago by Lightman - a search should being it up. The air bubble in the fuel line by the prefilter is not something to be concerned about. If you haven't replaced your fuel lines in a very long time, then that is certainly good insurance. Also anytime you disturb the prefilter, you must change that O ring.

You should also make sure you aren't leaking on top of the injector pump from the delivery valves. That area should be bone dry. If there is any wetness there, new O rings are needed. Lots of info on the delivery valves on the forum too.

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