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Can someone tell me if the O2 sensor can my the problem given the follow scenario? I have an '85 380 SE that starts perfectly when cold but hesitates severly. I have to "feather" the gas pedal to start out and during the first mile or so, then the car runs great. However, once the engine is hot and I have to start it again, I have to floor the accelerator and crank the starter for 10 to 15 seconds before the engine starts to fire. It doesn't start immediately but sputters to life. Once started (when hot) there is no hesitation as mentioned after the "cold start". This problem is consistant and happens EVERY time without fail. I bought the car used so I don't know if the O2 sensor has been changed but I suspect it was not not judging from what I'm hearing about the O2 sensor in this forum. I'd really appreciate some feedback as it's been this way for over 8 months and the closest MB repair shop is over 150 miles from my home and a four hour drive! Thanks.
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