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stop by my place in pa and i'll give you a zia license plate for the trip. i lived in albuq for years and did the I-40 route too many times. i always loved the feeling i got going down that cut on 40 just east of alb near edgewood
Originally Posted by Phil_F_NM View Post
At the end of September, my friend Brad and myself are getting into my 1972 220D and pointing it west then driving out to Edgewood, New Mexico (where I grew up.)

Brad and I are college friends and both photographers so we're going to take six days to do a three day drive and we'll be shooting a lot of photos on the way. Should work out just perfect, considering the top speed of the 220D! Our goal is to not drive on any interstates, instead sticking to the old US highway system. US Route 30, 50 and 54 are the main highways we'll be driving along. The map shows we'll be taking I-40 from Tucumcari to Edgewood and it's a possibility, just depending upon how tired we are.

We're going by this route

I'd love to meet a few forum members on the way out west if anyone is close to the route and has time to grab a coffee or lunch or whatnot.

Thanks all!
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