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Alarm problem Please Help

I changed the battery in my 94 s420 and now the alarm that never worked before comes on when I try to start the car. It doesnt come on when I open the doors.The door and trunk locks are not disabling the alarm. Power locks dont work on my car so I dont know if thats why its not disabling by the door locks.Someone told me a fusemay have blown do to me jump starting my car prior to me getting the new battery. A fuse was blown in the trunk compartment but I replaced it and still the car wont start just blinking lights. It doesnt even attempt to start when I turn the key. How can I disarm the alarm I will disarm it completely if need be? Or any ideas on what may be making it go off.There is a little wire that is connected to the negative side of the battery(not sure where it goes)that is cut could that be it.
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