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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
orange things?

um, most likely that's RTV from the obviously poorly done transmission rebuild...
unless the orange things are hard, like clutch material... eeewww...
got pics of em?
I think I some how, over exaggerate things, I went out and was going to take a photo....but it was just very fine particles...I used a strong magnet to see if any were metallic, but none moved.....its pretty sandy around here, I am thinking it was just stuff on the outside of the bolt I loosened to drain it.....the old radiator was very very rotted from the car sitting for something lite 20 years combined, I was wondering if the trans cooler was in the same shape and this is from it....I never drained the torque converted the first time I changed the fluid....I need to stop thinking about transmissions and just drive the darn car
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