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The piece you have in your hand in pic 1 snaps into the top of the oil pan. There is a rubber o-ring that must be of the correct size to fit. The o-ring is thinner than those contained in the Harbor Freight kit and no parts stores had them locally. This site has them. I don't remember the size. (Perhaps the material was 1.5 and only 1.9 was available.) The o-ring seals below the flat area where your thumb is.

The metal end that is drawn up into the plastic connects to [ shaped wire. Push on the throttle end to extend the cable and it connects easily. You can loop the throttle end down to where you can reach it if you are installing with engine in the car.

There are 2 bowden cables available. The difference is the end at the transmission. Make sure to get the correct part if you order new. Easy to identify visually, by PN not so easy.

The throttle end connects via ball and socket. A screw driver will pop the ball off. Slide the rubber accordion piece on the throttle end forward. A plastic end snaps into the throttle linkage. Squeeze the tabs with pliers and it will disengage. Now you only need to slide the wire through the slot in the bracket.

Easy once you have correct parts and understand. Pita until then. It took days for me to get all of the correct parts.
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