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no, these are souvenir plates i bought. they are plain yellow w/ a red zia in the center. i have a boat load of NM tags but NM is still plate-to-owner so only i could use them. i also have an extra 75th anniv. "mayor" plate from 1987 that i bought
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Thanks, I've got a few Zia plates of my own from previous vehicles. The 300D I have was formerly a New Mexico car. I don't know if I can use those plates on the 220D but if I can, it'll save me a couple dollars if I decide to stay in that state. Not that I want to. I love the northeast. It's just a little too expensive to live in this area for a freelance photographer.

My 220D has enough legs in 4th gear to hit 65mph easy and I think there's still a bit of room left before red line. I still have yet to make a nice highway trip of a few hours to see how she does for extended periods on the road. Perhaps tomorrow (Saturday.) We're not going to drive on any interstates at all, if possible, so there should be far fewer truck back doors to stare at.

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