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Anitlock light on, idling high and bad cold start

Just recently I had the antilock light come on which means there is a malfunction in the ABS system. When this happens the engine idles at 1700rpm instead of the normal 1000rpm. Then the next day in the morning, the car barely started after turning over a bunch of times.

I just had the car dynoed and found that it was running lean. Would this have anything to do with it? I also changed the spark plug wires to Nology HotWires...they have a metal attachment that comes out of each wire which they say should be attached to a ground point somewhere to ground each wire. There is no place to do this on the 16V engine, so I was wondering if this had anything to do with it and can i just cut them off since I have never seen this on any other set of spark plug wires.

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