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Originally Posted by compress ignite View Post
Almost anything with a "Heavy" designation these days has the capability of
being equipped with ALS!
Autoland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Traditionally autoland systems have been very expensive, and have been rare on small aircraft. However, as display technology has developed the addition of a Head Up Display (HUD) allows for a trained pilot to manually fly the aircraft using guidance cues from the flight guidance system. This significantly reduces the cost of operating in very low visibility, and allows aircraft which are not equipped for automatic landings to make a manual landing safely at lower levels of look ahead visibility or runway visual range (RVR). Alaska Airlines was the first airline in the world to manually land a passenger-carrying jet (Boeing 737) in FAA Category III weather (dense fog) made possible with the Head-Up Guidance System [3] [4]

After 911, 'Really surprised H.S. didn't force FARs to be promulgated installing
a Big Red "Hijack" button hidden somewhere in the cockpits that would automatically and irrevocably have the Autopilots initiate ALS to the nearest
commercial airport.
(The word "Hijack" would ,Of course be in the Navajo for "Alert" HAIHDESEE)

There IS a magic button for indicating hijack. It is a particular code keyed into the transponder. Although it would probably be easy for someone to google it, I would rather not post it on a public forum. You never know what potential hijacker might be lurking.