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Bushings are not replacable, the entire link is replaced. The pictues shows the torque, thrust, tie rod, and camber arms. You'll need new sleeves & new bolt kits as the old sleeves and bolt kits won't work with the new parts. The bottom of the wheel carrier has a support joint to which the lower control arm attaches. IT must be pressed out and a new one pressed in. This will require a tool (e.g. $100 from Baum Tools) or creative use of bolts, nuts, washers, & socket to act as a puller/pusher. New bolt kits use 18 mm nuts and 12 mm XZN driver. Axle should be horizontal when tightening the links. Differential bushings may also need replacing and require another tool (e.g. $100 from Baum Tools) or creative use as mentioned above.

Its relatively straighfoward, but can be time consuming as there is not a lot of room to get in there and tighten the bolts (particularly with the new bolt kits). I rebuilt my suspension with the subframe out of the car.

Brian Toscano
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