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Originally Posted by funola View Post
Taking the wiper plastic grills and panel off is a big job. How about just pouring water through the grills and see how fast it drains to check condition of the drains?

Isn't it better to keep the leaves out rather than let them rot in there for a while then blowing them out?
You'll know the condition of the drains under the hood cowl (at least whether or not they are plugged) after washing the car, or after leaving it out in a good rain. Removing the wiper grills, etc. is a once every 5 years job, unless your regular parking spot is under a pine tree. Blowing, vacuuming, or flushing out the hinge pockets and drains is easy enough to do regularly and frequently, and that's about all it takes to keep things clean.

Your theory regarding sealing the hood edges is worth the exploration, but I don't see this solution resulting in less work in the long run.Be sure to post a pic at the end of the winter to show how the weatherstripping around the hood affects the body finish in that area and how it holds up.
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