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timing chain

I spoke with a MB mechanic in San Antonio last week about this and he seems convinced that the chain should be replaced at around 100K miles. But the interesting thing he said is that the sprokets don't really have to be replaced. Now, I have been doing mechanics for about 50 years and worked with a lot of chains and sprokets on all kinds of big equipment. Always the rule is that if you replace the chain you replace the sproket, without question. An old sproket will eat up a new chain in no time.

The problem is that replacing the chain is a relatively minor job. Replacing the gears and or guides becomes major real fast. To replace the guides and sprokets apparently (according to the Haynes manual) one must remove the heads. I think that this will take a DIY chain job from $200 to a dealer job of probably $2,000.

The other money sink hole is that if you have the heads off you might as well do a valve job. There is another $1,000. Will it ever end?

Some one please tell me that this isn't the case.
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