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Unhappy '86 300E - Ignition Switch Problem

My ignition switch just died today leaving me stranded in the parking structure at work. I noticed earlier today on several occasions when I started it that when turned all the way CW against the spring, it would hesitate for a second before the starter would begin to spin.

When I went to leave after work, the key would turn, the dash lights would come on, but I couldn't turn it to where I could feel the return spring, it would just stop solid and there was no hint of turning tyhe starter motor. After trying several times and taking the key in and out and locking/unlocking the steering wheel, suddenly the key turned noticeably easier (as if something had let go) and only one red dash light came on, and wouldn't go off before turning the key back and forth a few times. Now, the key turns easily about a 1/4 turn, no dash lights come on, and of course the starter still doesn't spin.

Can anyone hazard a guess whether this is likely the lock cylinder or the switch itself, or maybe even the intermediate shaft in the housing?

I need to come back down early tomorrow on my motorcycle with some tools and try to get it apart. What tools do I need to get at and remove both?

The car has about 110K on it; should I just go ahead and replace both?

Thanks for any help

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