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Originally Posted by gsxr View Post
A minor change in axle ratio won't cause a major change in fuel economy. I think Gerry has already done the MPG calculations over time and found exactly that. My estimate would be ~10% difference, maybe.

FWIW, 2.88 vs 3.06 is splitting hairs... like, 1-2 tenths of a second 0-60 (or quarter mile) and likely under 1mpg difference in fuel economy.

The lower gearing makes it snappier around town, which is nice if the car is primarily city-driven.

Not sure I entirely agree on that with turbo vehicles and cruising altitudes. Either way the biggest difference is manual over non lockup slush box. I got 34mpg gps verified in my 85 300d once, something I got pretty regularly before I upgraded my pump in the 87.
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