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I remember driving to the Evergreen Airport in Vancouver, WA (across the river from my home in Portland) to buy 100 octane LL at the piston engine pump there. This was about 10-12 years ago. I was paying $2.50 a gallon at that airport and remember cursing at how expensive that was over and above the $1.50 a gallon I was paying for Chevron Super 92 octane.

I didn't mind the 10 MPG I normally got with the 6.3. When you feel the 434 ft-lbs of torque from that big-block under your butt, it's a feeling that you just never get tired of. It was propelling me to high 1.7 and low 1.8-second 60' times at the drag strip, which is explosive acceleration out of the hole. The best my E500 can do is a high 1.9 second 60' time.

Then there was the time I got pulled over (my first laser stop) by the Oregon State Police coming over the I-205 bridge (Columbia River) , from Washington, past the Portland Airport, racing a BMW E46 M3 at full tilt in the 6.3. The only reason I got stopped and got the ticket was that I was kicking his a$$. He actually had a bit more HP than I did (he had 333, vs. 300 with the 6.3) but I had about 75% more torque than he did

It's a gasser thang.....
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