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1980 300SD - Simpler air filter? I can't keep my U-Tube attached

I have endless difficulty installing the U-Tube between the turbo and the stock air filter. I have replaced the rubber gaskets, but they tend to push down into the tube when trying to force it onto the turbo inlet and the air filter.

I would be perfectly happy to hose-clamp a K&N or equivalent filter onto the end of the turbo and be done with it. Any experience with this? Do I need to make an extension hose or size adapter to control temperature or provide a better fit?

I don't care about cold air, better breathing, or looking like a ricer Honda, just want to keep my engine alive forever.

The car is a 1980 300SD W116, 430,000 miles but I put in a used engine 50,000 ago.

Thanks for your ideas
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