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another notebook and DECMate hacker


I use the notebook(s) also in all 4 of my vehicles. Have for years.

Found your PDP note interesting. I worked for DEC for 15 years, starting with PDP-8's, then 11's, then Vaxen, then Alphas. After the 8's were no longer common we would occassionally get a request for some consulting on one. We would steal the Sales secretary's DECMate word processor ( an 8), take out the wordprocessing sw and insert OS-8.

The old PDP's were the 240D's of the computer world. I had a call from a salesman one time asking how to tell the OS version of a PDP-11. I said reboot and it will come out on the console printout (yeah I'm way old). He came back later, said they didn't know where the console was, the machine hadn't been rebooted in 3 years, and oh-yeah, it was running all the parking lots at Washington National Airport.

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