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I own a 1995 C280 with orignal tint on the rear windows and quarters and rear window. I am assuming the tint is up to almost 5 years old and its the very dark kind. Is it possible to remove the tint myself? I did the front windows, but used fine steel wool to remove the residue and ended up scratching the glass with very fine scratches. Would products do I need to do an A job on removing it. Also, can the tint be removed on the rear window without removing the defrostor lines? - I can't find a place to start peeling on the tint on the rear windows and I don't want to make a mess and drip everything on the rear shelf - plus the headrests sort of take up room. Would you reccoment that a shop do it all or can I least take the tint off the rear doors with a little work? Thanks - all replies appreciated.

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