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Sir, your response to my question on the sunroof switch not working properly taught me something I didn't know about the machine, but, unfortunately, it does not seem to cure the problem. Local mechanic, very familiar with the process, says it is not a timing problem, but he can't figure out what it is without some time in diagnostic work: could be hours.
Your response to "spinedoc" seems to hit the mark, though. He has had to replace the sunroof cable and now the sunroof switch is doing the same thing mine is doing: does not stop at the end of the travel when the sunroof closes, but continues to tilt the panel. Pulling down on the switch does nothing but I can hear a motor running. When the panel is fully open, pushing the switch forward does nothing, but again, the motor runs. In fact, the panel will move backward if it is partially closed and the switch is pushed forward. Again, replacing the switch does not help anything.
Might I have the same problem with the same or similar solution?

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