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Originally Posted by Skippy View Post
As I understand it (and I could be wrong), the elephant population in some areas is greater than what is sustainable. Consequently, predators, including humans who pay a relatively large amount of money for a license, can reduce the population by some amount in order to maintain a sustainable herd. If it happened that the elephant in question was culled from a herd in an area of greater than sustainable population, and its meat was eaten (sharing with local villages is a common practice, or so I've heard), then I have no problem with this animal being taken.

According to BBC, Botswana will be eliminating Elephant hunting in Jan 2014 because of dwindling numbers.
"Botswana will ban commercial hunting from January 2014 over growing concerns about the sharp decline in wildlife species, officials have announced."
BBC News - Botswana to ban hunting over wildlife species decline

Guy is a total dip$hit. Which is how I feel about any big money sport hunters, but especially so for Elephant hunters.
Paying a guide to bring you to the place and point out your shot is so incredibly lame and is in no way what I consider hunting.
I'm sure he got a huge boost to his tiny and frail manhood by shooting the elephant, but to me his actions are emasculating in the extreme.

Also, not a real good idea to do such a thing when you are a mouthpiece for the NRA. Hope they fire him... but that would actually require using some brain power to determine what is in the best interest of your PAC... not something we've seen out of the NRA of late.
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