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Originally Posted by Txjake View Post
True. If you want to hunt deer and eat the results (not a bad thing, given the over-population and threat to public safety), at least be game enough to go out and find one to shoot, that's why it's called HUNTING. All these so called "sports" who think they are hunters b/c the sit in a tree stand over a feed spot where they have fed deer for a year are nothing but poser *******s....

I grew up hunting with my father and none of it involved baiting places to ensure wildlife show up. In fact, in Lousiana, it's against the law to bait a field for waterfowl. Can't imagne why it's not the same for deer. Bunch of pussies...
Pretty sure it's against the law to bait and shoot deer in most states.

I have personally removed and destroyed quite a few tree stands which were over bait piles. Then I remove the bait pile and piss on the spot.
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