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"The only R12 left on the planet..."
Come on, Larry Bible, wake up! Do you really believe that?
Guess what those factories producing R12 did whith their machines, now
Sold them as "scrap" to China! Guess once more what the Chinamen
did/do with these machines?
Indeed: producing R12 now diplomaticaly renamed F12!
They don't bother selling it to every one interested. Who could that be?
My W124 is never converted and I don't know of any older MB converted in
Belgium (or Europ?).
On the next occasion I'll ask my mechanic how he keepes my A/C
running 13 years without problems ( and me happy!).
BTW, I know another W124, 16 years old with everything of the A/C genuin
and still in perfect working order. Only one "fill-up" per year.
Friendly greetings,
P.S.: China did not signed that fancy environmental agreement of us so...
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