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I admire people that do the right thing, and you are one such person.

You know, jp, when I left my home in San Francisco in 2004 and came to this rural part of northern California, it was to help my mom and dad who were coming up on 90 years of age and mobile but needed help, and I was essentially a caregiver for them you could say.

They lived a few more years and after 64+ years together, they died just 10 days from one another, I think the survivor died of a broken heart. They always did everything together, and were so gracious and kind and loving to one another. It was weird, too as my father was born 08/26/2013 and my mom 09/19/13 so I recently observed their 100th birthdays, and they had actually trod this earth almost the exact time together. I had never known or seen such a perfect union.

My brother was too busy to do anything to help so it fell to me.

But you know what? Looking back, it was the best thing I could ever have done, I only wish I had done it earlier, done more and a better job.

They had sacrificed so much for me, and I gave back such a little bit in return.

I am well satisfied and content that I did what I did.

I know you will one day feel the same. I am sure of it.

So, good luck/god bless/god speed to you and your family..

You are a fine man. I don't think you will ever regret this decision.
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