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Re: sealant

Originally posted by 1992300e
I only applied to back corners of lip seal. I think the o-ring seal you are referring to is the one that is in the cover and slides over the shaft which the rotor bolts into. I did not apply sealant, should not think it's required. You may want to replace that seal.
Interesting... the manual instructs the person to apply sealant on the upper surface of the U-shaped seal. I found sealant on both sides of the seal in my car.

The o-ring seal I mentioned is on the upper timing cover and does not go over a shaft. The passage has only coolant. This too had sealant over the o-ring. I need to know if this is normal for assembly, or if some mechanic wanted to "make sure" there would be no leaks.

I've decided to replace ALL seals I disturbed. I want to make sure the repair is "better" than new. I have all winter to do this.
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