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Originally Posted by layback40 View Post
All these negative replies concern me.
I thought it was a reasonable question for a poll.

Here in Australia, they dont give out mobile credit, but I guess some one could use food credit vouchers to by phone credit. Even if the supermarket would not allow it, some one would just do some one elses shopping & get them to buy the voucher in exchange. I have seen people with a trolly of groceries outside a gambling venue trying to sell them so they could go & gamble. Probably the groceries were purchased with food credit vouchers.
I suspect the OP was trying to highlight how social welfare payments etc were used for things other than the essentials of life.
Indeed. It is strictly a POLL. Nothing more.

Positively reasonable, considering the way the Country (United States) here seems to be going toward more and more Socialism. More Socialism==MORE dependant on the Gov't.

It's frankly very frightening to me how much of a Social welfare-State we've turned into in the States. I fear we may have reached the tipping point, in Gov't. assistance, and beyond the point of no return......very concerning to me, as an American citizen...

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