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Reply to Rodd

Hi Rodd - thanks for the reply. I've tried to answer your comments:

Diagnostic suggestions:

How long does this continue if you don't put your foot on the gas? Try this in a nieghborhood or large parking lot.

- the creaking noise stops as soon as I release my foot from the brake and the car starts to roll forward, so it isn't directly related to stepping on the gas, rather releasing the brakes and allowing the car to move forward

Can you coast with your foot lightly on the brake and still hear it?

- no, it only creaks when the car starts to move forward after being at a complete standstill

Does it happen in reverse gear?

- yep, same thing, just creaks when the brake is released and the car starts to move backward

If you let the car start coasting in Drive, then move it to Neutral, does it still groan?

- no

Does it happen if you are turning left or right?

- no

Try releasing, setting, and releasing your parking brake to make sure it's not sticking. Try using your parking brake when you are coasting slowly.

- parking brake doesn't make any difference, i.e., the car still creaks whether the parking brake is used whilst the car is stopped or not

Any ideas?
Thanks again, Ryan
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