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Low volume and a very HIGH-END piece of tooling (I believe everything is forged on the Klann) mean *EXPENSIVE*.

Considering how much force this tool has to safely compress, hold, and release, it's a marvel. It is much more than just a rod: forged screwdrive; forged telescoping unit with anti-slip and locking keyes for different types of forged anti-slip coil-spring plates.

BTW- be sure to inspect & clean the threads, and put on FRESH anti-seize compound on the threads. I like to work the entire mechanism through its entire range of movement to get the compound everywhere. Also, NEVER use an impact or electric tool to turn the nut.

Stu Ritter (MB Club Tech. Editor & 30+ year MB tech) has told the story of a new tech who (1) did not add anti-seize and when he went to release it was just frozen. You didn't dare use an impact gun to release it for fear of unleashing the power of an S-class spring.

They called in the local bomb-disposal unit, and they recommended encasing it in 5-yards of reinforced concrete. Since a new foundation was being poured, they sunk the tool & spring into it.

Be careful out there.

:-) neil
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