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Bilstein still does not have an application for the front on the 92-93 400E, I guess not enough 400E's produced?
I remember a few years ago (1997) I tried to order a sent Bilsteins for a friend and they had no fitment. So I order a set of the Sach/Boge strut, part 36612C, still the same listing today, and these struts did not fit properly, the upper strut mounting bolt hole was smaller than the OEM's. I called and explained the problem, at first customer service said no-no that not possible, then engineering got evolved, called me later, my-my your right, (I wonder if they made the correction?) That's why I went and bought a MB set, but (md21722) I'm curious about if the rears are Bilsteins (probably they are) Iíll just have to look.
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