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It is good that you can do a 2 or 3 year loan. Since you are able to do that and don't drive much, consider buying a off lease car / rental that is 2 or 3 years old. That way someone else has taken the depreciation hit and still have a car that is relatively new.

" " For the recommendations, not much detail. Just says "Rear lower outer control arm bushings have broken boots. Estimate $390." And "The rear differential has a slight leak and should be resealed. Estimate $600." " "

I would have some grease pumped into the bushings every oil change / time the car has to go up on a lift. If the rear diff leak leaves less than a quarter sized spot over night I'd leave it go and check the level every oil change. The diff might be damp on on the outside but never drip on the ground. See, you just saved $ 1,000

Deferred maintenance is when the repair that is let go will cause more expense because other systems will be damaged. ( like a torn axle boot letting dirt in and damaging the joint. ) Planned maint is when a system has a "problem" but that problem isn't fatal to operation or the problem might not get worse over time.

Generic used car lots give the car a general once over for fluids and things hanging off then make the sale. A certified "preowned" from a new car dealer has a much more rigors inspection, this is partly because there is more $ in the sale and the dealers rep on the line.

If you can learn how to fix minor stuff like light bulbs and broken widgets you can save $. Some community colleges have "Auto Maint 101" , take this for some basics.

I have been in / around the auto repair business since I was 12 so my suggestions are not random.

As others have said, post any future problems here and we will try to help.
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