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Originally Posted by junqueyardjim View Post
Well, a guy can certainly get "exasperated" over continually repair a car. In this case I think you have a great car, but I have not seen it, much less checked it out. Certainly used cars have problems. All of them do, that is why they are on the market. I think you were a bit shoddy about prepurchase inspection, but that is past and lets go on from here. First of all, if you are going to sacrifice what a lot of people on this forum think is a great car, then why not try to make a deal here on the forum. We have a cars for sale listing column and if you want out fast and easy, list your "want out" price and it will probably be gone and that will give you additional cash for your Toyota. But if the car is really as nice as you say, and I think you are right, why not make a request for or from forum members in your area to help analyze the problems. Depending on where you live, there probably is good help close at hand to help you evaluate the problems you have and what might be expected ahead. They might refer you to a local shop that specializes in Mercedes for a lot less then the dealer. Largely the people on this forum avoid the dealer as much as possible. Parts, genuine Mercedes parts can be bought here on the forum for a fraction of what the dealer charges. Therefore we know that parts and labor at the right places are not exorbitant. Put out a call for help, tell us about where you are located, and I wil bet you will get good assistance.

Thanks Jim! I am in Portland, OR. Used to live in Noblesville though, small world. I'm feeling a little better about the car now. I'm also really stubborn so for now I've shelved the idea of eating the loss. Of course this may change if more problems develop! It's definitely a nice looking car which is part of what drew me in. Maybe if I put a few thousand bucks in over the next year or two it can go another 20K miles, who knows? Just frustrating, I trusted the dealer which was not a good move.
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