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Timing problem!!

I just got done with replacing the chain guides on my car, I'm replacing the chain too...that's next. One problem that I noticed. Before I took anything apart, the timing was off about 12 or 13 degrees to the left, now with it back together, the timing is off a little over 15 degrees to the right .

Few facts:

Chain not yet replaced

Tensioner is not on it right now

The only cam gear I actually removed was the left one, was marked with paint and I am certain it was put back on correctly

The drivers side chain right now has some slack, while the chain on the tensioner side is very tight, won't budge

I turned the engine one full revolution and nothing seemed to be amiss

Timing mark is lined up on the camshaft

Is there anything/what might I have done wrong, and how can I correct this? Thanks for any help!
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