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........if you are caught the secretary with disavow your actions......

This is turning into a long thread.... Knowing the importance of the steering components and keeping them together, I understand the reluctance of some not wanting to turn the idler arm bolt upsidedown. Like I said previously, I researched again and again and had many different ways suggested. Two of the three most popular would not work for me, so I opted to turn mine upsidedown. I didn't mean to say that was the only fix to this problem but after reading from several senior members and I believe even a few techs with many years of experience with this repair I felt comfortable doing it this way. Even though I've never had any locknut back off of a bolt, I have checked several times to ensure that everything was/is still OK and I can say that after 2500 miles of driving winding hilly roads, freeway driving, and with me living 3 miles down a dirt road that is travelled at least twice a day, no problems have cropped up with the repair. This fix that worked for me may or may not work for you (the bushing out approach did not work for me due to very tight clearances with the exhaust). Perhaps doing a search on idler arms you will see the info that I read.

This is/was not meant to step on any toes here but I do tend to get long winded sometimes when having to explain my particular point of view. Happy Motoring
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