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Power ONLY at Full Throttle

Well, I have run through everything except plug wires and coil wire on the secondary side of the ignition, but my intermittent problem is back.

This started several months ago and when I described the problem Steve Brotherton said it is very likely secondary ignition, maybe coil or rotor. I replaced the rotor and cap and coincidentally replaced the plugs. It ran fine for several weeks and then damp weather came seemingly the cause of the problem to return.

The damp weather kept leading me to believe it was a secondary ignition problem.

The behavior is this;

It never seems to happen when the car is first started up from being cold.

After warmed up, sometimes 10 miles, sometimes 60 miles, it starts losing power almost like you turned off the ignition, then once the throttle pedal reaches the floor, sometimes very close to the floor, it takes off with full, healthy power.

I now have replaced; plugs, coil, rotor and cap. Every time I replace something it seems for awhile it is fixed, but then it rears its ugly head again.

For historical information you can go to my thread of several months ago entitled: Bosch KE Problem in this forum.

In that thread Steve Brotherton said I could disconnect the EHA to see if it has any effect. The thing of it is, I would have to drive it several hundred miles to tell.

I'm really at the end of my rope with this one. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

I appreciate any thoughts you may have.

Have a great day,
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