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"Can You Run A Car Off Your Own Fat Ass?"

This could be the premise for an excellent horror movie.

The real innovation here is the LipoBelt™. It's a strong belt made out of compressive elastics that houses a solenoid-actuated, telescoping liposuction cannula, along with a small solenoid-actuated syringe to inject a local anesthetic. You'd simply position the belt so the 'action area' was over the area of your fuel/fat storage, belt it in place, and activate it.

A small suction pump under the seat, powered by an inverter off the engine, would pump out the fat into the storage vessel. A timer that the driver can set will automatically stop the lipo procedure to prevent over-liposuctioning. When done, the cannula retracts back into its housing, and the driver (or passenger — the belt will be on a hose that allows use by anyone in the car)can remove the belt at their earliest convenience.P

The fat is introduced into the fuel system as soon as possible, to minimize the amount of fat that needs to be stored. Ideally, the fat is burned as it is removed, with the storage vessel only used for overflow. This will help keep the car legal, as the evidence of human fat will be burned as the car is driven as much as possible. Plus, if it's your own fat, who's going to tell?
Can You Run A Car Off Your Own Fat Ass?

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