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Hi Cooljay,

I have a 1974 240d.

I have the black push button type of primer pump.

I had a wvo system, which I removed and ran fine after it's removal.

I emptied the fuel tank after numerous primary fuel filter changes with crud in it. Changed out the tank screen/filter.

I never removed the tank, just the screened filter in the tank and then refilled the tank with clean diesel fuel.

Just prior to changing the fuel tank screen/filter, I've ran into this problem, where the secondary filter housing is fuel starved, but as stated, the primer pump appears to freely send fuel through the primary filter into the primer pump and into the secondary fuel filter.

But when the car is running I see that the fuel is not entering the secondary fuel filter housing.

So the one question I had, does the primer pump control and pump fuel to the secondary filter housing or does the secondary fuel housing, "suck" that fuel into the housing?

Thanks for your help,

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